MRI Enterography

What is an enterography?

MR Enterography is a type of MRI scan which examines the small bowel-the part of the intestine between the stomach and the large bowel. A series of drinks (Metamucil or Lactulose) are administered to help visualise the small bowel more clearly. An injection of an MRI contrast agent called Gadolinium also provides additional information to help visualise the small bowel.



You will be asked to fast (nothing to eat or drink) for 6 hours prior to your scan. Small sips of water to assist with taking regular medication is permitted. Upon booking you will be asked a series of questions about metallic implants to help establish your safety to enter an MRI scanner.

The scan itself is approximately 45 minutes, however you will be in the department 2.5 hour prior to you MRI appointment time.


You will be asked to arrive 2 hours before your MRI scan. This allows time for a series of drinks to be administered to maximise the visualisation of the small bowel.  The MRI scan itself will take approximately 30 minutes and involve an injection of a smooth muscle relaxant (Buscopan) to minimise small bowel movement, and an injection of MRI contrast (Gadolinium) to show the small bowel more clearly. During the MRI scan, several images will be acquired while you hold your breath. You will be provided with an emergency buzzer to allow you to contact the MRI Radiographer at all times. Please allow approximately 2.5 hours for the entire MR Enterography test.

If you have a colostomy/stoma, you may wish to bring a replacement bag with you to your appointment

You will be monitored briefly after the scan and your cannula will be removed. You may experience nausea and diarrhoea from the oral intake.

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